Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone is like a condensed version of the 200-hour main game

Look, to spoil anything in the Witcher is a crime. A game so rich in
idiosyncrasies, twists and downright fuck-knows oddity should be
experienced, not gushed about by smug writers basking in their
experiences. Which presents a bit of a problem, given that I’m here to
tell you about my three hours with new story expansion, Hearts of Stone.

Set amongst the main game (although you’ll need to be level 30 to take
part, whether by getting there naturally, or starting a new game that
auto-levels you appropriately), HoS feels to me like a micro-version of
the main experience, a refresher course in just how good CD Projekt
Red’s masterwork was.

The thing is, I don’t want to spoil a thing, leaving me in something of a
quandary (something I share with CDPR, it seems, given that they’ve
pixelated parts of their own screenshots). As such, you can rest assured
that I won’t be mentioning a single plot point that isn’t covered after
the first 20 minutes of the DLC – but I will talk at length about how
Hearts of Stone takes almost every excellent facet of the main game and
somehow squeezes it all into a (relatively) tiny 10-hour package. Here
we go.

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