Raspberry Pi 2 now has a Windows 10 Core starter pack

Microsoft and Adafruit have announced the release of the
Windows 10 Core Starter Pack for Raspberry Pi 2. It’s for people who
want to get started “learning either electronics or Windows 10 IoT Core
and the Raspberry Pi 2,” said Steve Teixera on the Windows Blog announcement.
kit comes with a compatible set of sensors, electronic parts, wires and
cables that work with Windows 10 IoT Core. It also comes with an SD
card with Windows 10 IoT Core on it, as well as some getting started
instructions and sample code for projects you can make


power supply, WiFi module, ethernet cable, breadboard, jumper wires,
LEDs, potentiometers, and switches are all included in the pack. There
are also different sensors for detecting light, colour, temperature and
pressure. There’s a lot in there to get you started.
“Many Windows
developers are coming to Raspberry Pi for the first time,” said Helen
Lynn, Raspberry Pi social media editor. “We couldn’t be more pleased to
welcome them, and we hope they’ll encounter much success and plenty of
fun building with Raspberry Pi.”
The Microsoft IoT pack is currently $115 (including a Pi 2 Model B) on the Adafruit website, or $40 without, but both are currently out of stock. More kits are on the way, though.

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