Google introduces new Play Protect certification for Android devices

Yesterday Google announced a new certification they are rolling out for the Android device market. Called Google Play Protect, Google says the new certification is available for Android device manufacturers. To obtain the certification, manufacturers will have to be willing to submit their devices to a battery of compatibility tests designed to ensure they adhere to Google’s Android security and permissions models. At least part of those tests involve checking the pre-installed apps to make sure they are authentic and will work as intended.

For buyers of certified Android devices, Google not only provides a level of trust in the hardware, but they will also make a suite of tools available to help promote security. This includes automatic device scanning for malware, privacy hacks and other security threats.

Google says they have “hundreds” of manufacturers that are producing licensed and certified devices. To help consumers identify these manufacturers and devices, Google’s program gives them the ability to display the Google Play Protect logo and branding.

One thing we are not sure of is how extensive the program is on a global scale. Google released this news via their Indian site. The Indian market and likely some other markets around the globe, in particular emerging markets, have many more manufacturers trying to make it by selling devices running Android and that could be a challenge for consumers interested in making sure they get a device that is not a threat to their security and privacy. Other mature markets, like the U.S., are covered by big name manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and HTC, so getting something that is an official Android certified device may not even be an issue.

source: Google (India Blog)

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