Elysian War is set to begin closed beta testing on August 31, 2017 with pre-registrations open right now. Unlike most closed beta tests, there will be no data wipe. Elysian War is a free to play browser based empire building strategy game with turn based combat. The game aims to differentiate itself from other browser strategy games through its unique mix of PvE and PvP.

Fans of strategy games will know that the best time to start playing one of these games is right at the get go, as everyone starts off on equal footing. In more established games, players who have been playing longer tend to have massive advantages. Anyone who pre-registers for Elysian War now is also eligible to get a free closed beta pack which includes $99.99 worth of in-game cash shop goodies.

Elysian War’s Key Features:

  • Player controlled manual or automatic battle options.
  • Build your city your way on your terms.
  • Random general card draw system ensures that each player has a unique experience.
  • 5 different general combat systems with special attack abilities.
  • No two battles will be fought the same way.
  • PvE and PvP battles and challenges to enjoy, also solo campaigns to change each player
  • Each general is unique and can be upgraded to unlock further enhancements.
  • Different battle fields give different challenges to test even the best war sim players
  • Private, guild, world and event chat modes so players can communicate and share the fun
  • Artifacts to unlock the true power of your generals
  • Use Lieutenants to empower your generals with more skills and abilities.

Elysian War Official Website

Elysian War Facebook Page

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